Register of
Medicinal Products

The Register of Medicinal Products is a state register established under the official name of Ravimiregister. The purpose of operation of the register is to keep account of the medicinal products, which have been granted marketing authorisation and are distributed in Estonia. Also food for particular nutritional uses and food supplements for which are reimbursed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund are included.

The Register of Medicinal Products includes basic data for each medicinal product, for example active substance, pharmaceutical form, strength, information about the marketing authorisation etc. The register contains also the data about reimbursement of the medicinal product (data on the discount rate), reference price and information on medicinal products which have a retail price lower than or equal to the reference price, the last date of import (on the basis of the notification or import authorisation of authorised medicinal products). Summary of product characteristics (SPC) and package leaflet (PIL) are added to all authorised medicinal products.

The register holds the unique codes attributed to each packaging size which are used for identification of the packages in information systems and information exchange in health care. The package code is virtual, it is not printed on the package or prescription. This code is used for example by the e-prescription database and databases of pharmacies and wholesalers.

Additional information about the medicinal products centrally authorised in the European Union can be found form website of the European Commission (here) or website of the European Medicines Agency (here).

The drug database of Estonian Anti-Doping Agency (EADA) can be used for checking of the status of active substances of the medicinal products according to WADA’s Prohibited List. The EADA database can be found here.