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Product class: Medicinal product with marketing authorization
Medicinal product class: Veterinary medicine
Name of medicinal product: Suprelorin
Active substances:
Estonian, English, Latin
ATC code: QH01CA93
Dosage form: implant
Strength: 4,7mg
Legal status for supply*: Subject to medicinal prescription
Summary of product characteristics (SPC):
Package information leaflet (PIL): EST
Indication: Male dog: For the induction of temporary infertility in healthy, intact, sexually mature male dogs. Prepubertal female dog: For the induction of temporary infertility to delay the first oestrus and heat signs, and to prevent pregnancy at a young age in intact and healthy sexually immature female dogs. The implant should be administered between 12 and 16 weeks of age. Male cat: For the induction of temporary infertility and suppression of urine odour and of sexual behaviours such as libido, vocalisation, urine marking, and aggressiveness in intact male cats from 3 months of age.
Safety features: No
Marketing authorization holder: Virbac 
Marketing authorization number: EU/2/07/072 
Marketing authorization issued on: July 10, 2007 
Marketing authorization expires on: Unlimited 
Marketing authorization procedure type: Centralised 
Assessment report:   
Package code Name of medicinal product Dosage form Package Legal status Reimbursements Reference price Last imported PƤritolumaa Additional information
1349007  Suprelorin  implant  4,7mg 2TK  Prescription      19.02.2024     
1349018  Suprelorin  implant  4,7mg 5TK  Prescription           
Legal status for supply – medicinal product on medical prescription or not subject to medical prescription

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