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Medicinal Products

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oral use 
intravenous use 
subcutaneous use 
intramuscular use 
spot-on use 
cutaneous use 
inhalation use 
ocular use 
intraperitoneal use 
transdermal use 
nasal use 
oromucosal use 
inhalation (powder) 
parenteral use 
sublingual use 
intraarterial use 
in drinking water use 
intramammary use 
rectal use 
oculonasal use 
intrathecal use 
in drinking water/milk use 
epidural use 
vaginal use 
intraarticular use 
intradermal use 
route of administration not applicable 
nebulisation use 
intravesical use 
intrauterine use 
pour-on use 
oropharyngeal use 
auricular use 
perineural use 
in ovo 
intraglandular use 
inhalation (spray) 
dental use 
teat use 
in-feed use 
intracardiac use 
epilesional use 
intralesional use 
intracavernous use 
in-hive use 
intraocular use